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Feeling like the traditional is not enough? Join us.

Meet the team

*Our most efficient team photoshoot #pandemic

Life is growth

We truly believe in personal growth. We believe life is about the amount of time that we can devote to our friends, family and our passion.

Passionate team

Founded by immigrants and built by immigrants, we want to make sure every part of our work has an impact back home.

Flexible Location

We get it. Flexibility is essential. Choose between joining us in our HQ in Tallinn and the world.

True commitment

We like to make sure everyone at Xpass owns a part of this revolution so we include a stock option package too

Why you should join us

We want each of our team members to feel like an important part of our mission. 

We constantly feel inspired to reach places and people we never thought, and inspired to leave our comfort zone – all while having fun along the way.

Open roles

Content Specialist - Marketing

Full-time in Mexico

Finance Guru

Full-time in Mexico

Channel Marketing Specialist

Full-time (remote)

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